The Practical App Store is the shopfront for Intelligent Maintenance LLC


Intelligent Maintenance develops apps for people who enjoy looking after themselves, their families and their possessions


Our strategy is simple. We develop apps that make our lives easier and more enjoyable and that we need and use ourselves. There seem to be lots of people like us who have become our customers


All of our apps share common values:

  • They do what they say on the tin
  • They last for life
  • They adapt to your needs
  • They are good value for money
  • They are really useful
  • They are comprehensive in scope
  • They are intuitive to use
  • They are fun to use
  • They make your life easier


Most of our apps are developed for Apple iPhone and iPad. Some are websites where sharing between users in real-time is an essential part of the functionality


Our customers are our biggest fans - and not just because we make cool products and give them great customer support. Our customers make smart suggestions for enhancements. They help us test new apps. They give us feedback as we go along. If you are a customer - or would be if we made an app that you would like to use - let us know your thoughts via Contact us. We'll be listening!