What's in my Pantry for iPhone & iPad

Know what you’ve got. Know where it is. See what it looks like. Search by Location, Category, List

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What’s in my Pantry puts your pantry in your pocket


No more guessing whether you’ve got what you need for that stir-fried chicken. Keep up to date with what spices you’ve got and all the other basics so that you don’t run out or buy what you already have. Now you can know what's at the back of  the shelves and the cupboards without pulling everything out. At the shops but not sure what to buy? Take your pantry out of your pocket to check what's on the 'Buy' list


What’s in my Pantry let’s you know what you’ve got, where you put it, what it looks like and what list it's on. See at a glance what needs using up or replacing. Not just for food, people use it to organize their cooking equipment as well


We developed the What’s in my Pantry App specifically to help you

  • Know what you’ve got
  • Know where it is
  • Keep track of essential items
  • Save time when you need to find something
  • Help save money by not buying items you already own
  • Free up valuable space


What’s in my Pantry is with you wherever you are. Want to see the brand of those ingredients you need to buy? Select the photo and click on ‘Show full screen’. Get what you want. Simple!


So easy to use

  • Enter an item
  • Then - whenever you want - add a photo; location*; category*; list*; note
  • Browse by any combination of location, category and list
  • Use the categories, locations and lists in the App or create your own 


Back up to Dropbox™


You can back up your data to Dropbox™ at the click of a button. Select the Dropbox™ icon on the Info page. If you already have Dropbox™ the App will automatically sync with your account. If not, the App will take you to the Dropbox™ sign-up page where you can open an account. It’s free and it’s easy

See it in action


IOS, iPhone 6+, iPhone 6, iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, iPod Touch, Apple iPad compatible


  • This is a serious 'must have' app cos I can record the use by dates and so not end up throwing good food away. And it helps with the shopping list. Yay!' Review in App Store
  • “Great for knowing where things are that you don't use frequently. The ones stuck at the very back of the cupboard. Being able to name my own lists is really useful.” Review in the App Store
  • Well-thought out and good design, powerful but not overly complicated.
  • Thought you would like to know how I use your App. I sit down over a cup of coffee in the morning, scroll through what I got in the pantry and decide what to make for dinner that evening. Probably not what was intended but works for me!
  • I think I have already saved the price of this app many times over! I used to buy things that I already had and now I don't. Plus I love just showing a picture of the label to the person in the supermarket and asking if they've got it in stock. This is a really, really good tool.
  • I really like this App. I like the customizability and the ability to use lists. Keep up the good work!