SympTrack let’s you track your symptoms and see changes graphically at the tap of a finger


The app prompts you to make a daily record of the severity of your symptoms on your iPhone or Apple Watch at a time of your choosing


You can record your activities day by day and check which activities could be aggravating or ameliorating your symptoms



  • Track up to six symptoms
  • Get prompted to track your symptoms on your iPhone or Apple Watch
  • Review what’s happening in a single graphics view
  • Compare symptoms against each other
  • See what you are doing that might affect your symptoms
  • Add notes, photos and location to each activity entry
  • Overview your activities by period and activity group
  • Use Spotlight™ to go straight where you want in the app


SympTrack is an App that will facilitate useful discussions with your medical advisors and prompt you to ask the right questions


SympTrack is the app that helps you look after yourself

See it in action


IOS, iPhone 6+, iPhone 6, iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, iPod Touch, Apple iPad compatible


  • Thank you for making SympTrack. I have finally found something useful to do with my Apple Watch!

  • This app helped me to understand the various symptoms I was experiencing. Being reminded to do daily check-ins showed me that things that I thought were occasional were actually persistent. Gave me encouragement to go to see someone about them and get some help. Thank you.

  • Finally an app that I actually use! I've downloaded quite a few apps over the years but ended up not using them. This one I use every day. Love the graphs and pie charts which give me a great overview of what's going on with my health. Showed it to my doctor who was very impressed.

  • Congratulations. This app makes talking to my doctor so much easier. I used to forget what I wanted to say when I saw the doctor. Now I have the facts at my fingertips. I have recommended this app to lots of my friends.

  • Thank you for making my life easier. Now I can see what I know I feel.