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Our premium boat maintenance App for individuals, boatyards and fleet managers

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ShipShape Pro is designed by a team of sailors and motorboat professionals. It is a comprehensive boating app for iPad and our premium boat maintenance app


ShipShape Pro was developed specifically at the request of customers of our other boating apps who had asked for an iPad app to help them manage and maintain their boats. A number of our customers were directly involved in the design and testing process


ShipShape Pro is for use by individuals, boat maintenance professionals, charter companies and boatyards. Its modular design means that all of its features work for any type or size of craft


The App ships with one boat. Additional boat records can be purchased in-App in packs of 1, 5 or 10


Key features

  • Manage boats - fleet management summary highlighting overdue tasks and unresolved faults by boat
  • Address Book - All boat-related contacts in one place. Email, Skype, go to manuals straight from the App. Assign tasks directly to people in your address book
  • Boat - Essential boat details and safety information immediately accessible in one place
  • Tasks - auto-predicted maintenance actions fully user editable. Pre-programmed maintenance actions for over 200 common items
  • Hours - maintenance for each item of equipment can be set by elapsed time or elapsed time/hours
  • Faults - faults log with photos, date, notes, priority assignation and by whom resolved
  • Equipment - Record of all equipment together with photos and notes. Assign maintenance responsibility. Allocate to Locations/Lists. Quick add feature for over 200 commonly used items of equipment
  • Costs - Details, types, amounts and totals. Filter by date and type
  • Checklists - Create checklists, review completion status and reset for future use
  • Set-up tasks - all tasks can be individually tailored to the boat
  • Trips - When, Where, Who, Weather, What happened. Photos. Share Trips Report with crew and friends
  • Reports - Reports for everything to Print, Email, send as PDF
  • Backup/share - Backup, restore, share between devices using Dropbox™
  • User guide - comprehensive User Guide in-App and in-screen Info-boxes


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Manage boats

  • All boats are listed with number of overdue tasks and unresolved fault log items
  • Clone feature allows you to replicate all entries for a boat - useful if you are maintaining a fleet of similar boats
  • Fleet report and Maintenance schedule report can be printed or emailed as a PDF


  • Essential information about each boat all in one place and ready to hand
  • Pre-set fields and add Custom attributes feature
  • Print or send PDF Boat details report direct from the App

Tasks list

  • Predictive maintenance task list
  • Pre-programmed fully editable maintenance actions for over 200 commonly used items of equipment
  • Add your own tasks
  • Each maintenance task can be based on elapsed time or hours
  • Filter tasks by person responsible, date, location of the equipment, list and keep a record of when the task was completed
  • Quick filters for tasks relating to Time-based maintenance, Hours-based maintenance, Personal, Shopping, Checklist reminders
  • Lists feature allows you to build maintenance schedules for specific purposes
  • Notifications of overdue tasks straight to your iPad
  • Print or send PDF of filtered Tasks report direct from the App


  • Review all equipment for which maintenance is hours based
  • Set current hours by item or groups of items
  • See items for which maintenance is overdue


  • Record each trip together with photos
  • Destination memory feature
  • Share PDF Trip report with crew and guests
  • Post Trip Report direct to Facebook™
  • Trips report shows individual and total number of trips, distance and duration

Faults log

  • Record each fault together with date, photos and notes
  • Assign priority
  • Record date resolved and by whom
  • Filter by Date, Resolved by, Priority
  • Review Resolved faults
  • Print or send PDF Faults report direct from the App


  • Create checklists
  • Mark as completed and review completion status
  • Reset for re-use feature
  • Change order by drag and drop
  • Add reminders of checklist actions to Tasks 
  • Add maintenance actions directly to a Checklist from Set-up tasks
  • Print or send PDF Checklists direct from the App


  • Record all the costs relating to each boat together with photos and notes
  • Summary report analyzed by cost category
  • Filter by Date, Category and Supplier
  • Print or send PDF Costs report direct from the App


  • Record each item of equipment aboard together with quantity, photos and notes
  • Over 200 commonly used items of equipment pre-programmed and add your own
  • The add Multiple items icon makes adding common items quick and easy
  • Pre-set records fields with completion selectable from entries made in Address book
  • Assign maintenance either on Elapsed time or Time and hours 
  • Lists feature to add equipment to lists for specific purposes
  • Pre-programmed Lists and add your own
  • All equipment can be viewed by Location and List
  • Print or send PDF Equipment report direct from the App

Set-up tasks

  • Pre-programmed maintenance actions are added automatically for any of 200 commonly used items of equipment which you have added using the Multiple items icon
  • Every pre-programmed maintenance action can be edited or deleted
  • Maintenance actions can be added and tailored individually
  • All maintenance actions are shown in Tasks automatically when they become due


See it in action


iPad 2 and later


  • I don't often write reviews. There are a hundred reasons that I love this app. I recommend it to anyone with a boat.

  • The app may be called ShipShape Pro but I find it really helpful for maintaining just the one boat that the amateur me owns! It has made me into a professional! Great feature that you can assign maintenance tasks to the boatyard and email them the list. I use that quite a lot. Also like the Faults list - which goes over to them too.

  • Our charter fleet has never been better maintained. Everyone on our team knows what needs doing and when it needs to be done. We leave an iPad on board with ShipShape Pro for charterers to use and they know where everything is. One of the best sailing apps I have found.

  • I used to find looking after 14 client boats a bit challenging. This app has made my life a lot easier. Mailing reports to clients straight from the app is something they really appreciate.