CarFacts - The Car Management App for iPad

Everything you want and need to know about your cars available at the tap of a finger

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CarFacts for iPad gives you everything you want and need to know about your cars available at the tap of a finger


We developed CarFacts for people who enjoy cars and everything about them. If you get pleasure from owning your car(s), like to maintain records and keep notes of your driving experiences - this is the app for you


CarFacts is a comprehensive and intuitive app that looks equally good on iPad or iPad Mini



  • Dashboard: See latest Reminders, Activities, Costs and Checklists
  • My Car: Essential car information immediately accessible in one place
  • Activities: When, Where, Who, What happened
  • Garage: What you’ve got, where it is, what it looks like
  • Costs: Details, types, amounts and totals
  • Reminders: See what needs doing and when in Notifications
  • Checklists: Choose from pre-sets or create your own
  • Maintenance: Summary report and details
  • Reports: Reports for everything to print and email
  • Backup/share: Backup, restore, share between devices using Dropbox™
  • Multi-car: Use it for one car or many


Want to find things in your garage? Maintain your car? Keep an eye on costs? Be reminded of what needs doing? Share your experiences with friends?


CarFacts gives you all that and more


Whatever you do with your car, CarFacts will enhance your ownership pleasure

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iPad 2 and later