AppMeow for iPhone & iPad

Care, Diet, Health, Photos. Share what you want with who you want at the tap of a finger

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  • Keep everything you need to care for your cat all in one place and ready to hand
  • Share essential information about your cat with a tap of a finger with the cat sitter, friends, cattery, vet
  • Always have photos to show to your cat friends at a moment’s notice!
  • Use it for one cat, use it for many


AppMeow is the purrfect App for

  • Cat owners
  • Children learning to care for a cat
  • Cat sitters
  • Catteries




My Cats: Whether you have one cat or lots of cats, AppMeow holds separate records and photo albums for each one

About: All the essential information for your cat instantly accessible at the tap of a finger

Infoshare: Share all the essential information about your cat with everyone who needs to know - veterinarian, cat sitter, friends, catteries - by email straight from the App or you can print them a copy

Photos: All of your cat's photos - and photos of all of your cat’s friends - all in one place

Life Log: Dates and details of all the events in your cat’s life selectable from pre-programmed categories which you can filter by dates and event types

Care: Let’s you record all aspects of your cat’s care together with notes

Diet: Let’s you record all aspects of your cat’s dietary needs together with notes

Support Team: Details for all the people who help you look after your cat available at the tap of a finger - contactable straight from the App

Reminders: See everything that’s coming up. Autoset from Life Log or add your own

User guide: Comprehensive user guide is included in the app

Back-up and share: Back-up all your entries and share between devices

See it in action


IOS, iPhone 6+, iPhone 6, iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, Apple iPad compatible


  • My cat's got her own App. Now cool is that!
  • Who would have though that Jasper had such a big support team! I love having all his contacts immediately to hand.
  • Everything I can never remember is at my fingertips. Now I can answer the vet's questions without having to go home to check. Very useful.
  • Everything about my cat all on my iPhone. Perfect!
  • I use the photo section all the time - both the one for my moggy and the one for all his friends. So much better than scrolling through the thousands of pictures on my camera roll looking for my Tommy. Thank you for including that feature!